Our cabins are available year-round for both individual rental, and group-rate rentals. Each cabin is different and has it’s own unique style. They range in capacity from 8-20 people. All cabins feature a wonderful mountainous view from their spacious rear decks.




We have two group Bunkhouses available that can be sure to hold your entire group. Each Bunkhouse features 24 rooms, sleeping up to 16 persons each, for a total of 384 in each Bunk! Each Bunk also features a 60’x100’ meeting hall that is sure to handle whatever group activities and meetings you can throw at it.


Assembly Hall


The Assembly Hall —the heart of all church camps. It is the largest room on campus, featuring wide-open spaces that can be used for everything from indoor games and activities, to modern worship services and late-night dance parties. This space can seat up to 1000 students— but who are we kidding, your students won’t be able to stay in their seats with all the excitement happening in this place!

Meeting Rooms

Meeting Hall.jpg

The Meeting Room is a 65’x80’ space in the center of each Bunkhouse. It features high ceilings, open floor plan, 24’x16’x2’ stage, 3-phase cams for productions, and is acoustically treated to help keep down the noise both inside and out. This space makes for a great meeting space for everything from worship services, and indoor games, to corporate dinners and retreats.


Dining Hall


The Dining Hall is a place to refill and re-energize. You can start your day right with a three-course breakfast, or refill mid-day with a quick sandwich to get you back on the fields and in the activities. It serves up to 850 at a time, and will leave everyone feeling full and energized.


Dining Hall Pavilion


This great space will often be the hangout for students looking to get out of the sun and take it easy. It has great scenic features and even better breezes. If you’re waiting for the Dining Hall to open or just waiting for a service to begin, listen up as the karaoke lovers singing their hearts out.

High Ropes Center

High Ropes Pavilion night.jpg

High Ropes at Ocoee Ridge is like no other. It has dual 300ft zip line race, a high ropes course with 30 obstacle zones to keep your adrenaline pumping, a 30ft climbing wall, basketball court, gaga-ball, nine-square, and an Aerial Pavilion with incredible views.



Wave pool 1.png

Imagine 10ft waves crashing down, tossing back and forth, boogie-boarding like a California surf. Or, perhaps you like floating around in a pool all day catching some rays and enjoying some serenity. The Wave Pool has got you covered! This is the most talked about attraction at Ocoee Ridge Camp. Campers often come back to camp year after year talking about how great it was the year before, only to leave talking about how much better it was this year!


Activities Field


The Activities Field is your blank canvas. It is an 80 yard field just waiting for you to make it your own. We’ve seen everything from rope mazes, to football games, to lawn darts, to frisbee tournaments. Whatever your need is, this field can handle it.